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Resources by Subject

Library Guides for specific research or academic programs or departments. These include bibliographic, reference, and numeric databases to which we subscribe or are free; selected reference resources, major journal packages, specific Library Guides (mostly Web-compilations listed below).

Please note: The affiliated UB Librarian is listed in parenthesis next to each subject resource.


Chemistry (A. Ben Wagner)

Ecology and Environment (Fred Stoss)

Geography – Physical (Michele Shular)

Geology (Michele Shular)

Library Guides

These are special compilations for individual classes, frequently sought resources, special topics, or topics of interest to the librarians. These are undergoing major revisions and updates this summer, some may be taken down.

Please note: The affiliated UB Librarian is listed in parenthesis next to each library guide.

Air & Water Data (Fred Stoss)

Bio 200: Evolutionary Biology (Undergoing a BIG revision and updating) (Fred Stoss)

Biodiversity (Fred Stoss)

Biological Names/Nomenclature (Fred Stoss)

Botany, Forestry and Plant Resources (Fred Stoss)

Chemistry: Internet Resources (A. Ben Wagner)

Climate & Weather Internet Resources (Dave Bertuca)

Earth Day Online Exhibit (Fred Stoss) (Big section on Environmental Education in 2010 revision)

Energy Information (Fred Stoss)

Energy: Government Information (Ed Herman)

Engineering — Environmental (Nancy Schiller)

Environment (Ed Herman)

Evolution and Evolutionary Biology (Fred Stoss)

Geography & Maps: Internet Resources (Dave Bertuca)

GIS Data Resources (Michele Shular)

Global Climate Change (Fred Stoss)

Great Lakes (Fred Stoss)

Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (Dave Bertuca)

Love Canal Collections (Special Collections/Archives)

Map Collection at the University at Buffalo (Dave Bertuca)

Minerals & Gems (Michele Shular)

Mount St. Helens (Dave Bertuca)

New York Environmental Law (Law Library)

Scientific Method (Fred Stoss)

Technical Reports (Nancy Schiller)

Technical Reports Western New York (SEL Staff, this is a static site and does not contain reports from the past ten years)

Test Methods for Environmental Analyses (Fred Stoss)