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Degrees offered: B.S. only

About the major:

The B.S. in Environmental Geosciences is an interdisciplinary degree program offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. This curriculum is specially designed to prepare students for leadership positions across a broad range of environmental fields. The degree program is based on courses offered by the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geology and Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and it currently has three specialization tracks: Ecology & the Environment, Water & the Environment, and Environmental Monitoring & Analysis. Environmental Geoscience graduates will have a solid foundation in biological, physical, and natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, and analytic and geospatial techniques, as well as the specialized training necessary for integrated analysis of environmental systems.

Degree Options:

Double or Joint majors — Students interested in double or joint majors are encouraged to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the relevant departments.

Concentrations — There are no formal concentrations in the Environmental Geosciences degree program, but students are encouraged to select one of several tracks that are designed to provide students with a background in a single aspect of environmental sciences, enabling students to more readily compete in the job market or attend graduate school.